Dannika Soukoroff (Dasha Morningstar) is an artist & musician.

Her taste for the eclectic presents itself in her experimenting with music.

This past fall she conducted a tour presenting her EP ‘Goodmorning’

throughout the Kootenays & Columbia Basin in B.C. The tour was

sponsored by the Columbia Basin Trust. This project

was focused on originals strongly influenced by 60’s/70’s pyschedelic &

folk rock. She coined it retro rock. She carried this out as Chickadee

with her supporting super group band The Manufactured Grass.

She is presently shaking up the direction of her music & engaging Dasha

a little more. Now releasing ‘When I came to’ her ambient experimental

rock EP. This work was ignited by her having experiences with seizures,

love, loss and self-pity. Pretty typical.

She is presently working on a new project which will be released

sometime next year.

Thank-you to all of the artists I have collaborated with in making music

and producing my EPs.

Thank-you Maverick Blue with your help on production.

Thank-you Miz Lulu for all of your beautiful photography.

Thank-you Mike Wysimity for your artwork on ‘ When I came to’.

Thank-you Katie Parkins for your artwork for ‘Collide Our Scopes’.

Thank-you Clayton Malette, Jason Thomas & Jam for your work in

The Manufactured Grass. 

Thank-you to anyone who has listened to me or ever will.

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